Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dolls Sleeping Bag

I made a little gift for a friends daughter.  I had promised her a dolls blanket (this one) but when I had made it I decided to keep it for my child.  So naughty, I know!
So I finally got around to making another one and I decided to make it a sleeping bag and not just a blanket.
This is the front sewn to the back with the binding stitched on but not finished off.
I had to do bias binding because of the rounded corners.  I love rounded corners.
The inside was so soft.  I used two fabrics, origin unknown, and they were both soft which is what you want for your dolls sleeping bag.
The squares I used were 3" square when finished and I cut them into 3.5" strips and used this method here.
And here it is all finished and being enjoyed by lalaloopsy.
She is very cosy.  The sleeping bag also doubles as a bag which was just lucky.  At some point I think a nice long strap for over the shoulder could be added and a button and loop fastener.
The back fabric with the lion and worm is from ikea.  All the others are unknown fabrics - we all have them!  And the recipient was happy!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Baby Ball from Pentagons

I made something!
Well it has been a few weeks between posts.  I have actually made quite a lot of stuff so thought it was about time I posted about some of it.
I made a baby ball for a friends baby recently and I put ribbons on it too for added interest.
They can use the ribbons to hang t to something and babies love ribbons anyway.
I used all children at play fabrics as I have a lot of scraps of this I want to use up.  The ribbons are just various ones I had lying around.  It is all hand sewn.  I hope it will be robust enough!
I always wanted to make a pentagon ball and this is my first one.
I might even start blogging a bit more again.  Just for no reason at all.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Vintage Style for Kids, 1950s Pin and Tuck Dress

I must have had this book, Vintage Style for kids by Fiona Bell for well over 3 years.  I have had the fabric and everything to make my first project from the book for at least a year.  I even had the pattern printed out and cut out.  I am pretty sure I had a burst of enthusiasm about a year ago when I watched Great British Sewing Bee.  When the new series came around and I realised that I had made one garment in the entire time, enough was enough.  Less than 2 weeks ago I bought fabric to make a top for myself and decided I don't want to use any patterns I have, so I was going to go and buy one.  I knew I had to make the dress before I could purchase any more patterns or fabric for clothes!
First thing to do - print out a new pattern and stick it together and cut it out in the next size up as my child has already outgrown the old one!
The book has a cd in the back of it which has pdf files of all the patterns.  They don't fit together very well at all once you have printed them.  There is no layout showing you how to lay out the pattern onto different widths of fabric.  The book tells you how much fabric to buy but it is vastly too much which is a real waste of money.  It also only gives you one amount to buy for each item, so you buy the same amount to make a garment for a 7 to 8 year old as for a 24 month old!  It is obvious that in publishing the book no one made up the designs and actually printed out the patterns stuck them together and worked out how much fabric or layouts. 
I have the size 3-4 and the size 5-6 cut out and I am a little concerned that the front bodice pieces are exactly the same size and the skirt appears to be the same waste size for both, but just longer for the size 7-8.  There is a separate pdf for each size on the cd instead of having them all printed on one showing how they get bigger like on normal patterns.  As they never cut these out this worries me. 
The first piece I have to work on is the front bodice which contains the pin tucks.  The pattern piece is the size it needs to be after you have made 8 pin tucks in it.  I can see that it would be helpful to have a pattern piece of the size the front bodice needs to be with the pin tucks so it is the right size, but I also need to cut it from fabric so I think I need what the pattern piece I cut needs to be like more.  Luckily I read the book reviews for this book on amazon (after buying the book) before I cut out any of the patterns in fabric.  I can see why people might be upset about that.  So I just made my pieces much much longer so I can put the tucks in and still have it the right size.
In the photos of the finished dress in the book and the illustrations of how the dress goes together the pin tucks are shown going are towards the shoulder and are in the yoke seam.  However, the pattern shows them only up to where the yoke joins.  This is another indication they never made the garment using the supplied pattern.
Other things wrong with the pattern included that the sash was far too wide and after I had made and attached it I had to remove it and make it thinner.  Also, the size 5-6 dress is very small.  It only just goes on my 4 and a quarter year old!  Looks like she'll will be wearing it every other day until she grows out of it!
I will post pics of it on!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Simple Girls Skirt

Hello, I have been away a while. A Christmas break morphed into the whole of January and now my oldest child has been back at school over a week and I am finally blogging. You can get out of the habit. Anyway, I made a little dirndl or gypsy skirt.  I did loads of other stuff obviously.
It is 3 tiers and next time I may go 4 or 5 tiers.
The strips for a skirt for age 4 to 5yrs are:

1) 97x18cm
2) 117x15cm
3) 137x16cm.

Join strips if you need to to get the lengths.
A 1cm seam allowance is used.
Sew the strips into wide tubes by sewing along the short sides.
In the top strip make a channel for the elastic by turning over 1cm and then another 2cm and sewing along the edge.
Gather the second tube along the top edge by hand sewing around it and pulling the thread to the desired size.  Pin to top piece and make sure gathers are even and then baste and machine stitch into place.
Repeat that step with the bottom tier and then hem the bottom tier.  I hem by hand but do it however you want.
Use 2cm elastic and thread it through and make the waist band the required size.
I used rick rack around the seams but any ribbon you had would work.   You can use two or three different fabrics.  I wanted to use 3 but did not have 3 that looked good together.
Stand back and admire your work

My little girl loved it and has worn it everyday since I made it, except the day I washed it.  That is 5 days.  Also, she wore it in bed the first night!

Yes those are skechers runners.  She loves them too as they are sparkly.

I also made a few hexagons
Old habits die hard.

And I got some fabrics.
I absolutely love these and want to make something modern!

Happy New Year! In two days time it is a year since I started blogging.  Happy Birthday to Sew Paint it!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Seasons Greetings!

My first year of blogging is drawing to an end.  Thanks so much for all your comments and support over the last 11 months or so.
Now it is Christmas day and the presents have been opened and mostly played with and the best presents this year voted by child A and child B?  Bucket of slime of course!

We have enjoyed our Christmas dinner and I for one enjoyed a nice nap.
It is raining here in Sydney but that is perfect because we can stay in and not feel bad about it.
I wish you many blessings and a safe and peaceful Christmas wherever you are.
I wonder if 2014 will be a more creative year with more homemade stuff than 2013??  See you then! x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Finished Cushion on Friday

I finished something today!  And I have lots of photos but flickr is being so slow I cannot upload very many.  Why is it always slow when you need it?  Actually it is not flickr, I am sure it is my internet connection.  Maybe it is just to hot in Sydney?
This cushion is for a friend who is moving back to the UK.  I haven't given it to her yet but it is ok, she never reads my blog so there is no way she will see it :)
The friend it is for has a daughter with a name that starts with a J, so I hope it goes on her bed and my friend sees it and is reminded of her year in Sydney often.  I hope it is kept a very long time.
The closure is a zip. I think this is the best thing to use but you need one to hand.
I love this little cushion and I hope it is treasured by the recipients.
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Another Great Street Find

I found these amazing chairs by the side of the road the other day. 
I just loved the shape of them and everything about them except the state of the upholstery.  When I saw them I had just driven by quite fast and seen one of them.  I thought about it for a few seconds - I was on my way somewhere and needed to hurry, and maybe I could go back that way and pick them up on the way back?  Would they still be there..... hmmm.  I turned the car around and salvaged them - better safe than sorry!
I am so glad I did!
I would call them french provincial chairs, or maybe shabby chic chairs?!  
Somebody had already made a rather halfhearted attempt to start to reupholster the back of one using the navy blue brocade, but that came off and went in the bin.
Then I really went to work taking all the old stuff off and getting back to basics. 

The foam was completely perished and awful.  Both chairs had 3 springs.  I am not sure if this is enough?  Both chairs only had 5 pieces of webbing which I think is woefully inadequate.  On the one above one piece of webbing had broken.  The webbing needs to cover the entire seat area but not overlap.  It wasn't even woven either.  So I have ordered new webbing and it has arrived.  But first I will sand and paint the wood.  I want the chairs white.  I like these ones:

And these ones;

Here are mine all stripped down, every staple has been removed and I will start sanding them... when I get a minute.  Making these amazing will be a labour of love.
Merry Christmas all and I hope you all find what you need, be it by the side of the road, or elsewhere!!
Marianne xxxxx